Are there different grades of auto windshields?

There are three types of windshield glass that can be used in your vehicle: dealer glass, aftermarket glass, and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) glass. When your windshield cracks and needs replacement, there are two types of windshield glass available to you: OEM and aftermarket glass. Which of these options is best for you? If a glass manufacturer receives an order for 25,000 windshields for a particular vehicle, they could decide to use an additional 5000 windscreens (if allowed to do so based on the agreement they have with the car manufacturer) because they know that they can ultimately sell these extras for replacement purposes. Windshield installation professionals say the only difference is that a dealer's glass is marketed and sold under the brand name of the windshield installer or car repair company.

Automotive glass is subject to government regulations and standards, which makes the difference between OEM and OEE windshields minimal. Conversely, if another company also operates that same part to sell to automotive glass wholesalers and replacement stores, that part (no matter how well manufactured) is not an OEM part. It's easy to assume that all automotive glass companies offer approximately the same quality of installations, but all too often corners are cut, just like in any other industry. In essence, you should get a windshield almost identical to the factory glass that came with your vehicle when it came off the assembly line.

There are significant quality differences between OE windshields and aftermarket automotive glass. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) windshields refer to the original car glass used in a new vehicle. For these quality and safety reasons, Cornerstone Auto Glass fully meets these requirements on all windshields. When manufacturing the car glass, the company manufactures it to the exact specifications provided by the car manufacturer, which ensures that the windshields and side windows fit the vehicle perfectly.

Another step taken to ensure the highest quality installations possible at Cornerstone Auto Glass is our thorough inspection of new glass for defects, prior to installation. Dealer glass is purchased directly from the car dealer authorized by the vehicle manufacturer to perform maintenance on your vehicle. Even those who buy OEM endorsements have to read the fine print of their contract because automotive glass isn't always included. As mentioned above, OEE windshields are manufactured by the OEM, as well as other reputable automotive glass manufacturers who may or may not have bid on a particular model.

In the automotive glass and windshield repair industry, customers often receive quotes that don't include all the necessary add-ons or customizations and end up paying more than planned in the end.

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